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How Koinonia Helps Churches Save their Volunteers Time and Money with a Managed Platform

Strategy // May 8, 2015 //

Investing in a website is important for all churches, even yours. It can save you time and money and empower your church to more effectively communicate with your congregation members. Because every church has it’s own unique needs, spending time clarifying your ministry model can produce a more effective and personalized church website. You want your church to grow and mature. If done right, your website can make that happen.

Value of Church Management Software

Anybody can create a simple website, but pre-launch consultation and post-launch training services can significantly increase a church website’s effectiveness. Although these services are an investment, they can actually save you more money and time in the long run. Your church leaders and volunteers have multiple responsibilities that are vital to the well-being and growth of a church. Cutting down on some of the day-to-day tasks that are replaced by a website can help your volunteers manage their time in an overall better way. Your leaders should be properly trained on the value of a church website from the beginning. Getting on board with a website makes that investment more valuable. This all relates to communication with your congregation. The more your church leaders understand the value and uses of a website, the more they can relay those uses to your congregation members.

Keeping the Goal in Mind

The ultimate goal of a church website is to increase communication with your congregation members. That goal should stay in mind through all steps of your church management software, from forming your website strategy, to implementing your website, to training those in charge to properly use and promote your website.

If you think investing in a managed platform might work for you, schedule a free consultation.

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