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INSPIRATION: 10 Phenomenal Examples of First Time Guest Pages

Design // August 11, 2016 //

Need some inspiration for the new here page on your church website?  You’ve come to the right place.  Below are 10 examples of great first time guest pages from a variety of churches for your viewing pleasure.

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Without further ado, 10 Phenomenal Examples of First Time Guest Pages.

1. City Church

01-city-churchWhy We Like It

  • Clear information of what to expect inside the church
  • Prominent links to core values and team 
  • Guests can contact them through the button on the page

2. Watermark Community Church


Why We Like It

  • Amazing layout and presentation of information
  • Creative step-by-step guide outlining the membership process
  • Opportunities to serve a ministry and to join a community group

3. Saddleback Church


Why We Like It

  • Large welcome text
  • Vision-focused content: church mission and plan is clearly presented
  • We can navigate through the location map

4.  Valley Family Church


Why We Like It

  • Narrative flow of information
  • Experience a weekend service through photo and video
  • Includes content for Kids, Students, and Adults 

5. Anchor City Church


Why We Like It

  • Minimalistic layout: content is simple and easy to understand
  • All content is above the fold
  • Links connect visitors to more detailed relevant information

6. Nappanee Missionary Church


Why We Like It

  • Full-width layout with eye-catching images
  • Preview a message using the Sermons option
  • Description of all services at the bottom of the page

7. Vineyard Church of Mechanic Falls


Why We Like It

  • Navigation of the New Here Sections in the sidebar
  • Get Connected online form
  • Interactive Google Map (not just an image) prominently displayed

8. Vista Community Church


Why We Like It

  • Express Check-in for kids
  • Get to know the culture by checking out the Spotify link
  • Appropriate section for each information

9. Illuminate Community Church


Why We Like It

  • Large Buttons
  • Use of icons on the content
  • Sign up form

10. Southcrest Church


Why We Like It

  • Great use of photography and calls to action
  • Full-width layout
  • Button features links to necessary pages, making the layout shorter but easy to understand


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