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How Your Church Website Can Save Time and Free Up Your Staff

Management // May 11, 2015 //

Do you regularly yourself or your staff overwhelmed with the weekly task of printing a church bulletin? Here’s good news: your church website can actually replace that task for you. In fact, it could potentially replace many of the extra tasks that add up and take over your valuable time. If business owners are building websites to ease their work, then churches should not lag behind.

Websites Can Streamline Communications

Here are a few of the ways a church website can fulfill some of the staff duties and overall assist with streamlining communications:

No need for paperwork.

Whether it’s the day’s sermon, the daily Bible study verses, upcoming missions or other events, you can always announce them on the website. This will save you the time your church staff would have spent printing and distributing bulletins.

Stream services live.

A church website provides the privilege of live-streaming services, making it easy for you to spread the gospel and convenient for members who cannot make it to church. While fellowship is an important aspect of the Christian walk, some people cannot make it to church due to work, sickness or even travel. But that does not mean they aren’t dedicated to their church. Live streaming makes it easy for dedicated but busy members to continue to access services. Streaming services online also makes it easy for you to reach out to non-members who are looking for a place of worship. A church website is a great tool for witnessing Christ.

Recruit Members.

A church website also makes it faster for you to recruit new members. The sermons you upload attract a wide variety of audiences, some of whom will be interested in your fellowship and eventually become members of your church. Of course, attracting new visitors may involve search-engine visibility. Visibility is a valuable part of the online marketing process, as it helps to increase your following in a way that traditional marketing may not ever have been able to accomplish.

A Church Website is Not Just a Brochure

Some people make the mistake of thinking that your website will serve like a digital brochure, simply listing facts and dates as a frame of reference for members. But a website is capable of so much more and should be used to your full advantage! This resource not only communicates basic facts and information, but also encourages in-person contact, organized small groups, and with a content calendar, a unified set of ministry goals. Yes, a website is an investment, but after accounting the time and effort (and even money) that will be saved through making good use of a website, the only sensible option would be to invest.

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Rob is a Christian, a husband, and a father to two beautiful girls. Rob has 15 years' experience in website design and development, and spent six years as the CEO of Connective Insights, a digital marketing agency, before founding Churchly in 2015. You can follow Rob on Twitter at @roblaughter, and keep up with him in his personal blog,

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