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6 Complaints Visitors Have About Your Church Website

Strategy // May 11, 2015 //

A church website can go a long way. Consider your website as the first point of contact between your guests and the church. Just like person-to-person contact, first impressions are important. If done wrong, it can be a disaster. The good news is that many complaints with church websites are actually quite common. Once you identify these common problems, you can fix your mistakes or prevent them before they even arise.

In this post, we will explore the most common mistakes that church websites make.

Out-of-Date Content

Your church website visitors come to find current information, not out-of-date, archived content. Regular updates of your blog, news and events is very important. When information is out-of-date, it’s not only an inconvenience, but it may lead visitors to give up on the website entirely. Don’t let visitors give up! Update regularly and be sure to remove news that has already passed.

Vague Information on Your Belief and Missions Page

Spell out your statement of faith very clearly. Not all visitors are current members! You want to be inviting and represent your church accurately. It is what your church stands for that will impress visitors and potentially lead them to join in your church mission.

Non-Mobile Friendly

One of the most vital aspects of growing your digital ministry is by striving to accommodate mobile users. Remember as you design your church website that a majority of your visitors access the website using their mobile phones. Your church website should function well on all screen sizes. You wouldn’t want to turn away any visitors over this easy fix!

Cluttered Design 

Your design should be attractive and well organized in all aspects, from the graphics to the text. Too many images can be distracting. Likewise, be sure to clarify your writing to communicate exactly what you want to communicate.

Long Download Times

A slow website will certainly drive your visitors away. This is where technology assistance comes into play. You want your website features like the calendar to be speedy and convenient. Otherwise, adding website features will defeat the purpose of being a resource for congregation members.

Poor and Complicated Navigation

Navigation is everything when it comes to building a church website. You have 7 seconds to capture the visitor’s attention, and confusion can ruin that chance. Some websites tend to make moving from one page to the next very difficult. Your visitors will enjoy their first encounter with your website if the navigation is seamless. Simplify the number of pages and clarify what each page is about.

Getting it Right: Investing in a Successful Website

If your church is serious about investing in a website, take the time to do it right. Knowing the common mistakes will set you ahead. Your church can successfully carry your mission digitally, it just takes a little planning and insight to make it work.

To get a better understanding for how your website can avoid these and other mistakes, get a risk-free consultation.

About Rob Laughter

Rob is a Christian, a husband, and a father to two beautiful girls. Rob has 15 years' experience in website design and development, and spent six years as the CEO of Connective Insights, a digital marketing agency, before founding Churchly in 2015. You can follow Rob on Twitter at @roblaughter, and keep up with him in his personal blog,

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